Do Tha Knowledge Radio was established to provide an unbiased and objective platform to speak to psychodynamic traumatic experiences, social ills, maladies and calamities affecting the current reality of Black people in America and Africans of the diaspora around the globe. Our mission is to provide a holistic solution based media outlet offering with practical application properties through a social engagement that is delivered through an African centered lens. Our vision is to build a coalition of astute critical analyst who seek to aid in the advancement toward a collective African liberation mindset and cultural identification through physical, mental, spiritual, social, economic, political realignment dialogue, consistent with the values, norms and behaviors congruent with African ancestry. Do Tha Knowledge Radio presents its brand identity and delivers on its brand promise of giving a voice of the voiceless and restoring empowerment to the perceived powerless among both continental and Africans of the diaspora. Do Tha Knowledge Radio. “The place where is Knowledge is Born”.


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